Life Balance

  Kathy Smith   Dr Jeremy Geffen  
  Kathy Smith
Total Wellness Expert
Best-Selling Author.
Park City, Utah
  Dr Jeremy Geffen
Renowned Oncologist, Author, Founder of Geffen Visions International
Denver, Colorado
  Dr. Woody   Dan Lier   Asa Andrew  
  Dr. Woody
Author & Expert on Career Entrepreneurialism
  Dan Lier
Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Business & Speaking Coach
Las Vegas, NV
  Asa Andrew
America’s Health & Lifestyle Coach, National Best- Selling Author
  Andrea Sharp   Marty Metro      
  Andrea Sharp
Inspirational Speaker, Author Teacher and Founder of Sharp Women
Porterville, CA
  Marty Metro
Innovator, Eco-Entrepreneur, CEO, Thought Leader
Los Angeles, CA / Washington, DC