Tony Denison   Neal Petersen  
  Tony Denison
Los Angeles, CA
  Neal Petersen
Adventurer, Award-Winning Author, CEO of No Barriers International
South Carolina and the Dominican Republic
  Connie Podesta   Karen Leland   Mike Richardson  
  Connie Podesta
Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker & Human Behavior Expert
Dallas, TX
  Karen Leland
Best-Selling Author, Business Columnist & Modern Marketing Expert
San Francisco, CA
  Mike Richardson
Agility Expert, Management Innovator and Award-Winning Chair of CEOs & Executives with Vistage International
San Diego, CA
  Dr. Woody   Julie Marie Carrier   Robert F Brands  
  Dr. Woody
Author & Expert on Career Entrepreneurialism
  Julie Marie Carrier
Award-Winning National Speaker, Author, Emmy-Nominee and Success Coach featured on MTV's #1 Positive Goal Setting Show, MADE
  Robert F Brands
Innovation Expert and Consultant, President and Founder of Innovation Coach
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  Joshua Fredenburg   Dan Lier   Donna McAleer  
  Joshua Fredenburg
America’s Top Generation Y Leadership Speaker
Los Angeles, CA
  Dan Lier
Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Business & Speaking Coach
Las Vegas, NV
  Donna McAleer
Award-Winning Author & Business Leader
  Sarah Caldicott          
  Sarah Caldicott
Great grandniece of Thomas Edison, MBA, Innovation author, Innovation thought leader, Founder and President – The Power Patterns of Innovation, Past Chair – Edison Awards
Chicago, IL