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Professional Speaker, Award-Winning Actor
And Producer
Tony Denison made his momentous television debut starring in Michael Mann's critically acclaimed drama Crime Story as Ray Luca and was named "best villain of the decade" by TIME magazine.

Appearing in more than two-dozen motion pictures and television shows, for the last seven years has been widely known for his role as Lt. Andy Flynn on #1 show on TNT, The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick for which he has received five SAG nominations

and a Prism Award. They are now filming the new episodes of Major Crimes ( the new spinoff series of The Closer).

Though his list of accomplishments has expanded throughout his career, Tony has mastered the art of being happy in Hollywood by Living “Blue Collar” Values in a “Gold Collar” Profession.
Living “Blue Collar” Values in a “Gold Collar” Profession
Tony Denison believes that no dream is too small to achieve and a part of the journey towards success is establishing a concrete value system, understanding your role within a team, and allowing others to take the lead at times. With a passion to help others follow their dreams, Tony Denison’s keynote message channels funny, charming stories from the sets of Hollywood’s biggest studios while sharing first hand experiences of what life has to offer when your eye is on the prize and your heart is in the right place.
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