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Professional Speaker, Author, Renowned Oncologist and Founder of Geffen Visions International.
Described as an "oncologist of the future," Dr. Geffen is a highly credentialed physician, a leading pioneer in integrative medicine and oncology … and a riveting public speaker. He has testified before the United States Congress as an expert witness on integrative medicine and addressed hundreds of groups and conferences.  He is author of the highly-acclaimed book The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming The Whole Person and creator of The Seven Levels of Healing®, a powerful, multidimensional program is now being offered in multiple cancer centers in the United States.
Dr. Geffen is an international authority on the integration of state-of-the-art cancer treatments with a wide array of complementary and alternative approaches to healing. Through years of experience caring for thousands of patients with cancer and their loved ones, Dr. Geffen identified seven fundamental principals of healing and recovery and organized them into his The Seven Levels of Healing® program. These principles can be applied to any of the life or health challenges we face as humans.  In his keynote talks, Dr. Geffen offers a comprehensive, inspiring, and highly engaging guide for navigating all aspects of the healing journey.
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The Journey through Cancer
by Jeremy Geffen, MD
A groundbreaking exploration of whole-person healing

The Journey Through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person describes a powerful approach to cancer treatment and recovery by a physician who is at the forefront of integrative medicine and oncology. Board-certified oncologist Dr. Jeremy Geffen has years of experience serving as a physician, guide, mentor, coach, and friend to thousands of cancer patients and their loved ones. His book shows how to transform every aspect of the healing journey in a new and comprehensive way.

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