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Author of the best-selling book, Empowering your Health, Dr. Asa, MD is an internationally recognized expert on health, wellness and nutrition. A regular health correspondent on FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC, he will soon launch a cable television show in addition to his very popular national radio talk show, “Dr. Asa ON CALL.” His passion for increasing awareness of healthy lifestyle choices is evident on stage, where he is an inspiring speaker and workshop leader.

Whether it's learning principles toward “Empowering Your Health" or applying “The Success Prescription", Dr. Asa will challenge you to take a new perspective on your life.  He explains how the health of a business is directly related to the health of those working for it, no matter the industry. Ultimately if we do not feel well, we will not be effective team members. By addressing health on an individual level, we can make small changes that will have large-scale impacts on productivity. Dr. Asa takes significant time to research his client’s business in order to make his message personally relevant to each member of the audience.
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Empowering your Health

By Dr. Asa, MD

Discover the Last Prescription You Will Ever Need.

Learn how to take control of your health and work with your genetics to look and feel better naturally. Using his proven Lifestyle Principles, Dr. Asa shows you how to ensure a long and healthy life by understanding the body's unique ability to get well, stay well, and live well.

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